Protection of the rights of insurers, insured persons and users

  • Preparation of claims for the purpose of analyzing events, assessing damage and providing insurance payments for compulsory and voluntary types of insurance;
  • Collection of necessary documentation and initial examination of persons who suffered damage during insurance events;
  • Legal advice in the areas of research and resolution of disputes that have arisen with insurers;





• All types of legal advices
• Divorce 
• Alimony claim, alimony increase and decrease
• Conjoins division of property
• Deprivation and restoration of parental rights
• Detection of kinship and other facts
• Settlement of land property disputes by judicial process
• Obtaining of allowance for children visit abroad
• Current address registration
• Settlement of issues related to ID cards obtaining
• Settlement of migration related issues
• Move, registration and removal from apartment
• Cancellation of rights on living space usage
• Solution of issues related to pension, benefits and other social payments
• Detection of service record, re-employment
• Statements of claim,  protest, petition, appeal, annulment (to Supreme Court), complaint
• Settlement of issues related to satisfying judgement
• Representation in court and other state bodies
• Compensation of damage to vehicle, its redelivery by judicial process, stress
• Person’s disablement confirmation
• Registration of legal persons
• Demanding money, debt by judicial procedure
• Settlement of civil disputes among private and legal persons, including all types of enterprise, office, company, bank and private sector rights protection, signing any contract, as well as representation before courts.

Besides, we deliver services of representation in courts, completion of judicial procedure. We receive applications from the regions of Azerbaijan as well.



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